Thank you for inquiring about our 4 oz mini slimes!  We are so excited that these cute slimes create smiles and happiness for everyone!

Great for parties, birthdays, gifts, school or for any occasion!  Each slime comes with a instructional packet with a bag of borax (to make your own activator).  You can also buy our mini 1oz SLIME RESCUE to go with your slime!  (recommended) 

  • choose any slime scent or combination you want 
  • Starting at $7.00 each
  • minimum order: 10 slimes
  • depending on date of event, quantity and type of slime needed, we may need your order at least 2 weeks in advance. (smaller orders we can possibly do immediately. 
  • You can customize by changing it to your favorite texture for additional $3.00 per slime.
  • Our normal  8oz DIY clay kits & slime drizzles will not be included with the 4 oz slime jars. Don't worry!  We will still make it pretty and add charms sprinkles, glitters etc!! 

Please fill out the below form with your information and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours. Look forward to working with you soon!